Happy Birthday Ritu Kumar: Let's Celebrate Her Style!


The frontier in revolutionizing the way Indian fabrics are seen across the world, Ritu Kumar celebrates her 72nd Birthday today. 


From the girl next door to the Bollywood biggies, her designs fit everyone's tastes! 


Let's highlight what defines her true style: 


* The fabrics: Be it silk, tulle or georgette, her fabrics radiate a quality of their own. She understands the way they fall on a woman's body, thus does the stitching and formation of the garb turns out to be perfect. They make any woman feel like a queen! 






* The embroidery/embellishments: From intricate thread-work to heavy embellishments, her lehengas are truly made to fit the fabric they are being put on. For example, the "bootas" in the dupatta are perfect for a fabric such as net because net is light and to elevate its emphasis in a traditional attire. 





* The colour combinations: Ritu Kumar encorporates the entire spectrum in her lehengas. Her combinations are unique and fits the bill for each type of woman. For example, you rarely get to see a tangerine or a grey lehenga wearing bride, however, they look so royal, regal and befitting.