Happy Birthday Rekha: 7 beauty secrets of Bollywood queen

New Delhi, Oct 9: Rekha, better known as Bhanurekha Ganesan, is not just a bollywood diva, is regarded as an ageless beauty of Bollywood. She is an 

iconic actress in the Indian film industry since she debuted in 1970’s. From initially receiving alot of criticism for her looks to being hailed as 

one of the most beautiful actress to ever grace the screen, the story of her transition from an underconfident and ugly duckling to a beautiful swan 

has been a motivation for many. Apart from being regarded as a brilliant actress, Rekha’s unmatchable looks and glamour have made her an epitome of 

beauty which what makes the beauty secret of Rekha such hot proprty! Today, let’s check out Rekhas beauty secrets along with her makeup, fitness and dietary secrets. Let's take a look at her beauty regimes which keep her unfazed by age:

* She drinks about 8-10 glasses of water everyday. 

* She uses a home-made pack which consists of curd, eggs and honey. 

* She follows a routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing to remove her make-up and keep her skin hydrated.

* Eating right is very important for Rekha. She avoids deep fried or fatty foods and maintains a very healthy diet. She sticks to vegetables cooked   

with minimum oil and spices with chapatis and curd. 

* Rekha excersizes about ten to fifteen minutes everyday. She also enjoys gardening, dancing and home chores and maintains an active and healthy   


* She prefers to have an early dinner, then takes about a two hour gap before heading off to bed. She not belives in eating right, but eating at the  

 right time also. 

* She visits the spa regularly. She understands the benefits of aromatherapy and ayurvedic massages, and gets many massages done at home daily.

But with her enviable collection of Kanjeevaram saris and the charisma that she still has in spades, the cameras cannot help but zoom on her endearing and perfectly poised appearences. Which is why, she was, she is and she forever will be Bollywood's ultimate stunner. 

News 24 Bureau