Haircare tips as weather is switching from Winter to Spring

During the winter months, cold outside weather combined with dry indoor heat can wreak havoc on your strands, leading to damage and breakage.


That’s right: Breakage isn’t just a summertime sadness. It happens in winter, and to all manner of hair types. In order to have a fabulous mane all year long, there are a few precautions you should take throughout the year. 

Three Helpful Hair Care Tips

  • Include a diet rich in calcium and iron, including green leafy vegetables, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, carrots, beets, tahini, milk, fresh yogurt, coconut, and sweet, juicy seasonal organic fruits.

  • Wash hair only when necessary. Washing every day can strip hair of its protective oils and over time can lead to dry, split, vata hair.

  • Choose herbal/vegetable based dyes to enhance hair color.