Hair scare..Another woman claims hair chopped at night

Agra: A case of alleged snipping of a woman's hair was reported from the city on Thursday but police dismissed such incidents as outcome of sick minds. In the latest case, wife of a temple priest in Dayalbagh area of the city claimed on Thursday that her hair was chopped off the previous night even though she had bolted her room from inside. However, no police complaint was filed. On Wednesday, a 65-year-old woman in the district was beaten up badly as people suspected her to be a witch and one behind the chopping of braids of women. She died on way to the hospital. The post-mortem examination report attributed her death to heart attack, even though she had received head injuries. Two suspected attackers, Sonu and Manish, are on the run. Even as residents of rural areas of Agra district bordering Rajasthan are living in fear over many cases of alleged snipping of women's hair, a video message has gone viral that speaks of a "gang of 30 persons engaged in a mission of cutting the hair of 108 women, so as to acquire the power to disappear at will". Social activist Shravan Kumar Singh said people were worried and unwilling to let their womenfolk venture out unaccompanied. IANS