Hai Ram..UP netas are after Bhabhiji!

Mumbai: As if Tiwariji and Vibhuti were not enough. Poor 'bhabhiji' is now being bothered by politicians of Uttar Pradesh also. These netas frequently visit her house and shout 'Bhabhiji ghar par hain kya'!      

Shubhangi, as quoted by a leading daily, says, “I have been getting calls from representatives of various political parties from the state, who are offering me a decent amount of money to come and campaign for them in Lucknow and other cities in UP. While I have a decent idea about politics, especially politics of UP, I can’t campaign for just anyone."

Angoori Bhabhi was in Lucknow recently. She further was quoted adding, "I don’t want to be the face of any political party in UP elections. I need to thoroughly research which party is good, only then can I support them. People are probably calling me because my show is based in Kanpur, so they might be thinking that I can influence voters or that I have some UP connection.”