Gujarat Manthan: Muslims voice their concern in News24 Conclave

New Delhi, Dec 2: Politics is a peculiar and confusing thing. The politicians promise of development and progress as their major issues. But come elections and it is just caste politics that rules the roost in Indian Politics. Indian democracy is more than 70 years old, but this truth still prevails. Among the Gujarat voters 10%are Muslims,but in this election no one appears to be wooing them. This is strange though.  But why is BJP is not giving enough tickets to Muslims? Responding to the sharp question that why BJP did not give her a ticket, Asma Khan Pathan said that she never asked for a ticket and wanted to concentrate on the issues bothering the Muslims in Gujarat. Shahnawaz Khan of Congress said that Muslim students are not getting scholarships in Gujarat. BJP should answer how many Gujarati Muslims got jobs in last 22 years. Asma admitted that Muslims themselves are to be blamed for the plight of the muslims and one has to admit this.

Congress was in power earlier, but Muslims never found a voice in Congress. We were mere vote-banks for the Congress and it has done us no good, says Asma of BJP.

Shahnawaz of Congress denies all such allegations. Is Congress now focussed on Hindus and for them they don't make an impressive vote bank.  Zuber Goplani, Chairman, Minority Development and Protection Foundation said that the BJP is fooling Muslims in Gujarat. There is no meaning of Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas.  Modi government has done for the Muslim women in Gujarat. All Muslim girls who pass class 12 are promised Rs 51,000 for further studies or to be used in their marriage. Modi has saved women by stopping triple talaq. PM Modi is ensuring jail for those giving instant triple talaq. Lakhs of women across the country feel emancipated and free,  feels Asma. Congress will spread caste hatred if it comes to power, she says.

All said and done the Muslims are breaking their traditional shackles and can no longer be lured by false promises as education and knowledge is playing a vital role silently.

Gujarat is majorly seen as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home turf and elections here are a closely watched affair seen as a barometer of the PM’s popularity.  The elections in Gujarat have become furthermore interesting with the Patidars playing an important role in this time. What is adding to the intense drama is the Congress lending out an olive branch to the PAAS and its pet cause. So though apparently it appears to be advantage Congress, but this can be true only to some extent. Both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi are leaving no stone unturned and the verbal war is on a day-to-day basis. Keeping all these points in mind your channel News24 organized a conclave in Ahmadabad on 2nd Dec 2017; aptly named ‘Manthan Gujarat’.  News24 presented a package full of facts, drama and showdowns.