Grand Cherokee SRT Gallery: The Super SUV!

Unlike the last Auto Expo, this time, Fiat has maintained its distance from Jeep’s pavilion and we can’t be more thankful. In 2014, the manufacturer showcased Jeep’s SUV lineup in Fiat’s lineup. Moving on, this time around Jeep showcased the SRT (Street & Racing Technology) tuned Grand Cherokee and in a matter of few months, this car will carve a space for itself within the Indian automotive space.  

The car which showcased, was a sight to behold, covered in a glittering red colour shod with massive 5 spoke chrome wheels. In an era where manufacturers avoid using too much chrome, the SRT wasn’t shy to show-off its own. Though the car is largely a Grand Cherokee, there are several performance bits to differentiate it from a routine car. To name a few - bigger performance Brembo brakes, an advanced four wheel drive system, heat dissipation vents on the frontal part of the bonnet and so on add to the glory of this beast. 

The insides are as American as the exteriors, with strong panels, large seats and straight design cues of the dashboard. The SRT showcased in the Expo had a dark theme accentuated with carbon fiber trims and contrasting tan leather upholstery.

Last, but not the least, was the naturally aspirated 6.4-litre HEMI V8 which is capable of producing 470 bhp. The Jeep officials did start the beast at the Expo and all I can remember is a violent growl that rammed everyone's eardrums.


Grand Cherokee SRT Gallery: The Super SUV!