Government to promote organic fertilisers: Ananth Kumar

New Delhi: The central government on Tuesday said that more organic fertilisers will be encouraged in the agriculture sector even as the "neem coating" ensured that the urea meant for farmers is not diverted to the chemical industry. "We will promote organic fertilisers to see that there is a balanced fertilisation," Chemicals and Fertilisers Minister Ananth Kumar told the Lok Sabha during question hour. Answering supplementary questions from members including from K.V. Thomas of the Congress and Thota Narasimham of the Telugu Desam Party, the minister shared the concern about the need for maintaining healthy soil.  He said the NDA government at the Centre is committed to the policy of 'Zameen bachao, Kisan bachao' (Save agri land and save farmers)".  He said soil the health card as proposed by the agriculture ministry will come in handy for the farmers. "Because of the soil health card, soil health laboratories and such other measures, the farmer will get a correct feedback about the health of his soil and the requirement of the soil based on which he can go for fertilisation," he said. Kumar also informed members that the 'neem coating' of urea has prevented its "misuse" by the chemicals industry and also such fortification of urea has ensured that lesser quantity is required to vitalise the crops. Moreover, he said to help farmers for the first time in 30 years the government has reduced the prices of various fertilisers like diammonium phosphate (DAP), muriate of potash (MOP) and nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. "For DAP, we have reduced it to the tune of Rs 2,500 per tonne, that is Rs 125 per 50-kilogram bag. For MOP, we have reduced it to the tune of Rs 5,000 per tonne, that is Rs 250 per bag. I think this has never happened in the past," he said.