Got mentioned on web? Google will tell you where

New York:Technology giant Google has rolled out a feature in Google Search that would notify you whenever your name is mentioned on the web -- anywhere in the world, a media report said. Google's "Stay in the Loop" feature in Google Search would deliver a report to your registered Gmail ID of where your name was searched.  This features works as long as you are logged in to Google and you have allowed Google to save your web and app activity, technology website reported on Sunday. On the Google homepage, a new widget can be seen at the bottom of the first page of search results that will help a user to easily set up a new Google Alert for new references of your name. This could prove to be a reasonable move by Google to those who want to find out what is online about them.  A user can adjust settings like email frequency, source types, languages, regions, whether to only send the best results and the email address to send alerts to.  The feature is now live in India.