Gosling was happiest when he entered fatherhood

Los Angeles:Actor Ryan Gosling says it was the "happiest time" of his life when his two children were born. The "Nice Guys" actor has two-year-old Esmerelda and four-month-old Amada with long-term partner Eva Mendes, 42. "They're angels. It's the happiest time in my life," Gosling told etonline.com. Reminiscing a less pleasant memory, Gosling shared that it was when he auditioned for a part and the person he was acting for took a phone call halfway through. "There's actually a scene in the film ('La La Land'), which is based on an audition that I had where it was a very emotional scene I had to do and halfway through, the lady took a call and just kept talking while I was supposed to finish my lines," the 35-year-old actor said. Gosling says "La La Land" is an "emotional" one for the audience, and it has received a positive reaction so far. "I think at their best (musical movies) can be very emotional for the audience, and we really wanted to make a film that people really wanted to see in the theatre. "From what I understand, and I haven't seen it with a crowd yet, but people enjoy the film, but they also enjoy the experience of seeing it with an audience," Gosling said. IANS