Google Translate to work in any app soon

New Delhi: Google on Thursday announced plans to soon roll out "Tap to Translate" feature on Android smartphones, eradicating the cumbersome task of copy-paste routine whenever people need to get their text translated. With this, you will be able to select the text of a chat, comment or lyrics of a song in whichever app you're using and a translation will pop up right there, ending the need to switch apps, Google said in a statement on Thursday. "Tap to Translate" will work for all 103 of Google Translate's languages on any Android phone operating on Jellybean (4.2) and higher. Another feature called "Offline Mode" now works on iOS platform and joins Android in using small offline packages.  Google has also added a Filipino language pack, bringing total number of offline languages to 52. With "Tap to Translate", Google hopes to improve the Google Translate experience for users.  Of over 500 million people who use Google Translate, most of the users are in India, Indonesia, Brazil and Thailand.