Google commemorates stethoscope inventor Rene Laennec on his 235th birthday

New Delhi: Tech giant Google commemorated the 235th birth anniversary of the inventor of stethoscope with a creative doodle.

Rene Laennec was a French physician who studied medicine and served as a medical cadet in the French Revolution.

The idea behind the stethoscope came from Laennec’s memory in 1816 when he observed two children playing with a long stick- one scraped it with a pin while another listened giddily to the amplified sound on the other hand.

Recalling this, when Laennec rolled up a piece of paper and pressed it to his patient’s chest, he was able to hear the beating of her heart all loud and clear.

After developing several prototypes, he settled on an instrument that resembled a long, wooden tube that was 3.5 cm in diameter and 25 cm in length.

Stethoscope was one of the most important inventions of the 19th century and replaced the practice of auscultation, in which a physician laid his ear on the chest of the patient to listen to the sounds form heart and lungs.

To celebrate Rene Laennec’s 235th birthday, artists Helene Leroux and Olivia Huynh depicted his very first stethoscope beside the one we know today.

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