Good news: Premium trains will get swanky loos

New Delhi: Railways is serious about providing swanky loos in 66 premium trains in a bid to make train journey more pleasant. It has come out with two designs for new toilets with luxury finish, on par with personal toilets in big hotels. Railways has always been under attack for not providing ckean loos and this time it is serious. The fares of the premium trains are increased but the minimum standards have not matched the rising fares. The toilets will have urinals as well as the nappy change counters. The designs will be such that all other utikities will be hidden smartly.

Interestingly the cost of these toilets, 1.7 lakhs each is the same as the existing ones. The cost is same, but there is a huge dufference in the standards, claim Railway officials. The new servic has been given the title 'Humsafar'. Well, all you can do is wait and watch!