Good news: Get FREE petrol and diesel with this trick

New Delhi, Nov 23: The price of petrol and diesel are changing on daily basis now. And, whenever you visit a petrol pump, the first thing that you notice is the price of petrol. Prices of petrol are rising on daily basis which directly impacts your pocket. 

Amid, the rising petrol prices, a special offer has been introduced and under this offer you can get petrol without paying a single penny. To avail this offer, you are required to change your mode of payment. 

Mobile wallet MobiKwik has introduced this offer. If you use mobikwik to make payment under a special period, you will get 100 percent cashback. 

You only have two days (Nov 23 and Nov 24) to avail this special offer and this offer will be valid only for a limited period. The offer began from Nov 20th and will end on Nov 24th. 

To avail this offer, you need to fill petrol and diesel in your car only between 6 pm to 9 pm and make payment via mobiKwik's mobile wallet. 

In order to avail this offer, you need to fill petrol or diesel with a minimum Rs 10. Secondly, you will avail the maximum cashback of Rs 100 irrespective of the fact that you are receiving 100 percent cashback. 

You are required to scan the QR code and make payment via the mobile wallet and you will receive the cashback in 24 hours which you can further use to fill petrol and diesel in your car.