Good news: FALL in the prices of petrol and diesel

New Delhi, Feb 12: In a good news for you, there has been a decline of 10 percent in the prices of oil in the international market. With this decline, the prices of petrol and diesel too have witnessed a fall. 

However, despite the decline of 10 percent in crude oil, the oil marketing companies have brought about very less reduction in the prices of petrol and diesel in the country. 

On Monday. the prices of petrol have been reduced by only 21 paise and the prices of diesel have been dipped just by 28 paise/ litre. After the reduction in price, the petrol prices in Delhi will be Rs 73.01, in Kolkata, Rs 75.70, in Mumbai Rs 80.87 while in Chennai the price is Rs 75.73/litre. 

On Monday, the price of petrol was only 21 paise and diesel prices were cut by only 28 paise per liter. After the cut, the petrol price in Delhi has been recorded at Rs 73.01 in Kolkata, Rs 75.70 in Kolkata, Rs 80.87 in Mumbai and Rs 75.73 per liter in Chennai. Speaking of diesel at the same time, its price was Rs 63.62 in Delhi on Monday, Rs 66.29 in Kolkata, Rs 67.75 in Mumbai and Rs 67.09 in Chennai.

As far as diesel prices are concerned, the price of diesel will be Rs 63.62 in Delhi, 66.29 in Kolkata, 67.75 in Mumbai and 67.09 in Chennai.

In the international market, crude oil prices registered a drop of 9-10 percent in the past week and it was expected that oil marketing companies in the domestic market could cut the price of petrol and diesel significantly. But, there is no reduction as per expectation of the customers. Weakness of the currency Rupee has prevented some of the oil marketing companies from lowering prices to a greater extent. However, there is a possibility that there may be further reductions in the prices of oil in the coming days.