Giorgio Armani names yacht after mother

Los Angeles: Renowned Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani has named his superyacht Maìn after his mother. "Maìn was my mum's nickname when she was little. I wanted to remind myself that I was born into a humble middle-classed family, in which the biggest luxury was owning a Lambretta (scooter), when having a car wasn't so universal," Armani told Hello! Magazine, reports "Giving the boat my mum's name means I'm not so detached from the world that I've loved so much," he added. The 82-year-old designer doesn't have much time to head off on holiday at the moment due to his workload, but he likes to try and set time aside in the summer to recuperate and focus on the sea waves from his yacht. "Owning a yacht is a great pleasure and guarantees serenity. I enjoy the rhythms of the seas and having a connection to your inner soul. When I am in Maìn, I usually forget all my responsibilities. This re-energises me and allows me to go back to Milan feeling happy and with the enthusiasm to resume work," he said. Armani is able to do that without being disturbed too much as he has had his boat painted green for camouflage. "The ocean is rarely blue, it's green, dark blue or turquoise - and the green camouflages the boat, so it doesn't attract too much attention," he said.