Get rid of candy crush invites like this

Many times it is hard to control our anger when we receive candy crush requests on our facebook notifications even when we don't play it and we can't even shout when we find sender as one of our best friend or relatives. Finally, we outburst ending up with a request status on our facebook wall requesting people not to send candy crush requests. But still no one cares and you receive requests. 

So this all you need to do to get rid of candy crush invites. The process of blocking Candy Crush notifications from friends takes less than five seconds. Here's how to do it 

1. Log on to Facebook accounts and pull down the notifications tab on the top right of your home screen.

2. When you see the Candy Crush notifications, you will see an X option next to it, which will prompt you to "turn off."

3. Click the X, and it will provide you the option to turn off all notifications from Candy Crush.

4. Click "Turn Off" and you are done! Candy Crush is banned from sending you alerts. You can also alert  Facebook if you feel some another app is spamming you.

5. You can also block invites from a particular friend or a particular app from app setting.

6. To make sure you did everything right, go to your notifications settings and make sure the Candy Crush app box is unchecked and enjoy a more quiet Facebook.