Gauhar 'falls' for Sreesanth.. What's cooking

New Delhi, Oct 19: Gauhar Khan is very fond of Bigg Boss and currently, she is keenly following all the updates of Bigg Boss 12 quite closely. A few days back, Guahar spoke on the relevance of tasks in the BB house and how Deepak played his part perfectly. However, Gauhar also supported Sreesanth who is behaving quite unpredictable in the controversial house. 

A few days back, Sreesanth was seen spitting on a score board -- with Deepak's name.Problems began when Deepak decided to hide the Ghoda cap, which the ghodas or the housemates have to wear before stepping on to the treadmill. Dipika took the retaliation by removing the statistics from Deepak's scoreboard while Sreesanth lost his cool and tried to erase the name of Deepak from his board. He further spat on his name which enraged everyone in the house. Surbhi called him mentally unstable and an attention seeker. However, while speaking Srishty he told her that he would have used his spit even if it was trying to erase his name.Meanwhile, the housemates were shocked to witness the cricketer behaving in this manner and also by the fact that he is now supporting Dipika and had forgotten his resolve to turn against her. Some of them also questioned his upbringing.Gauahar tweeted in support of the cricketer by saying, "Tasks , the most interesting part of the week at #bigboss !Why don't they get it? Strategy is what Deepak did ! Spoil the task is what the other side! But to be fair, they all just need 1 point to start fighting !Haven't we all used our spit to wipe something off a paper or a board?"