Gaikwad does it again...this time with policemen

Aurangabad: The 'infamous' MP from Osmanabad Ravindra Gaikwad is in news again, and as expected, again for all wrong reasons. This time he has misbehaved with some police officials. Gaikwad was in Latur to campaign for Shiv Sena for the local municipal polls which were held on April 19. The minister was furious after he was unable to get money from an ATM near the bus stand.

Allegedly he started arguing with the chief manager of the State Bank of India. His wrath and body language compelled the cops to intervene. This resulted in ruckus and agitated he started shouting slogans. The police informed that he and his supporters have been subsequently booked for unlawful assembly, misbehaviour and causing disorder in a public place.

Earlier Gaikwad was in news for misbehaving with an Air India staff and then he was banned by all major airlines. Only after he apologised, was he allowed to travel again by air. But some people never learn their lesson, even if they are taught the hard way.