Apple to offer paper-like display in its device!

Apple has made its mark around the world for its best devices and now the company is working on a technology that can enhance the user experience.

Apple to offer paper-like display in its device!
Source: Apple

New Delhi: Apple keeps never fails to provide a powerful experience to its users, which can help in improving their experience. This not only helps in keeping the products in focus but also these technologies are better than what is offered in any other smartphone in the market. Now the company is working on one such technology, due to which there will be a big and revolutionary change in the display of Apple products and the user experience will also be much better than before.

Rumors of Apple working on a foldable smartphone have been doing the rounds on the internet for quite some time. New information has been received that the company is testing an electronic paper display for its upcoming foldable device. This type of display is found on e-readers like Kindle. The arrival of this type of display on Apple's device is being seen as a big change. However, it is believed that this new display of the company is still in its initial stage and it can be quite different from the common e-reader display.

According to a recent information shared on social media, Apple is testing E Ink's electronic paper display (EPD) for its upcoming foldable device. The company will use the EPD for the foldable's "cover screen and tablet-like applications." As of now, the mainstream foldable smartphones available in the market include Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3. Of these, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 sports a large cover screen apart from the main display that protrudes. It is believed that Apple may use EPD for the external display of its foldable smartphone, which is used when the device is folded

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