Fukrey gets a thumbs up: 5 reasons to watch Fukrey Returns!

New Delhi, Dec 9: A fantastic sequel to a super hit comedy 'Fukery' has been hitting the box office like no other, celebrating their opening day with Rs 8 crore, the movie has been a complete treat to Bollywood right now!

Fukrey Returns, which hit the silver screen on December 8 has been making their fans go on a complete comedy spree, well, yet again. No doubt, its going to be a treaty and fun weekend for you all!

Hold on to these 5 reasons why you possibly cannot miss this movie:

- A sequel to a super hit
There is no doubt that Fukrey gang had set fire back there in 2013. Coming back after 4 years with the same director, Mrigdeep Singh Lamba and same cast, the movie picks up exactly from where they left it. A legacy of a previous film is what we would call it. 

- Peals of laughter
There is no doubt that the movie will make you hold your stomach for the longest time. From Bholi Punjaban's mean acts to Choocha's funny antics, the boy gang will definitely make you have a roller coaster ride of laughters!

- The cast
With Richa Chada, Pulkit Samrat, Varun Sharma, Ali Fazal, Manjot Singh, Priya Anand, Vishakha Singh and Pankaj Tripathi will be rolling in their known funny roles and this is definitely a promising watch. 

- Bond between Bholi Punjaban and Choocha
From powerful one-liners and funny antics, the relationship between Richa Chadha and Varun Sharma on screen has become the essence of the movie ever since its first release and there is no chance to miss it again in the sequel!

- Deja Choo
With many chucklesome and catchy dialogues that had become the catch-phrase of India's youth because of Fukrey, now that they have 'Deja Choo', what more is there for us this time?