From Rags to Riches, success stories of Indian cricketers

Pancham Saude, New Delhi, Nov 14: Poverty can never be roadblock to success when your will to perform gets higher than your fear of failure and these struggle against the odds make success stories which have always inspired the people  

Cricket is one such game in India where 22 yards pitch have tuned the fortunes who worked hard despite their odd conditions and went on to become millionaire.

Here are some of the best success stories your children must read,they will inspire them lik nothing else.

MS Dhoni, the man who rose fom grounds

He is considered as the best ever captain country has ever got and Dhobi has nothing left to achieve in career now. Dhoni came from a from a lower middle class background from small city Ranchi. He had a great interest for sports right from his school time after which his coach insisted him to play cricket while he was goalkeeper in football. Dhoni also worked as ticketmaster while playing the game for Indian Railways before getting selected for National team. After getting in the National team there was no looking back for Dhoni. Now he is one of the richest cricketer around the world.

Rohit Sharma had a very humble background

Known as a Hitman in the team, Rohit was born in a poor family in Nagpur Maharashtra, his father worked in transport company and mother was a housewife. To achieve his dream Rohit went to live with his relatives. In early days Rohit had interest in spin bowling but after his coach saw his talent in batting he advised him to focus on batting, after which there was no turnback for him and now he is considered one of the most valuable player in the team.

Pathan Brothers live in mosque as they had no home

Both Irfan Pathan and Yusuf Pathan lived in a mosque in Baroda as their father had no house and worked as muezzin in local mosque and used to earn only Rs 3500 per month. Both practised many of their cricketing tricks in the premises of mosque. With their sheer determination and hard work now both Pathan brothers are among the richest cricketers in the country.

Umesh Yadav's father was a laborer in a coal mine

Indian fast bowler Umesh Yadav belonged to a poor family where his father worked in a coal mine as a laborer. In early days of his childhood Umesh took up job to support his family from financial crises, as a result he failed to continue his education beyond 12th class.
Umesh played tennis tournaments to earn money and continue his cricketing passion after which his bowling talent earned him a spot in the National squad.

Ravindra Jadeja and his father worked as watchmen

Ravindra Jadeja belonged to a poor family where his father worked as watchman to meet the family needs. But when situation got worsen even Ravindra Jadeja took up a job of security guard as well.
But his passion for the game promoted him to continue practice post his work shifts. With his fight against the financial crises and hard work towards the game, now Ravindra Jadeja is one of the finest cricketers India has.