Friendship is a basic need, prove these facts

New Delhi: “Life is better with friends,” they are the people you can be completely stupid with.

A recent study revealed that 94% of adolescents see their friends almost every day, while 91% of adults over 65 do the same.

Here are five facts to prove that this beautiful relation is one of the basic needs of humans and for matter of facts of animals too.

Isolation brings depression, friendship brings harmonization

Isolation can fill the person with the feeling of being rejected; however, friendship helps in improving self-worth. Many prefer solitude over socializing, but no one prefers loneliness.

God makes man, friendship boosts mankind

friendship increases your sense of belonging and purpose.

Friends work as stress buster

They are the people who laugh at your jokes when they are not so good and sympathize with your problems when they are not so bad.

What food does to body, friends do to emotions

According to Harvard Health Publications, friends help in strengthening our immune systems and motivate us to recover from a debilitating injury.

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