Fresh MeToo missile hits Subhash Ghai, actress files police complaint.. Know what Ghai allegedly did

Deepak Dubey, Mumbai, Oct 14: Top Bollywood director  Subhash Ghai is in fresh trouble. Model, actress Kate Sharma on Saturday filed a complaint of sexual misconduct at the Versova Police Station here. Few days ago Ghai was accused by a woman of drugging and raping her, charges which he had denied.   

Kate Sharma complaint Details

“Thanks to me too campaign I have got courage to speak about my heartbreaking horrible incident happened with me on night of 6th aug with 73year old legend ,so called selfish friend “Subhash Ghai ” @subhashghai1

I was living from very heavy heart and guilt from last 2 months #deeplydestroyed.

Incident happened was Shock of my life.I lost respect and faith for people in film industry.

Worst day of my life when we were at his home he told me to give him a massage , he kept my hand on his back and ear and told me to give me massage and than with respect of his age I did it , suddenly he pulled me on him, and tried to kiss me,and started putting his restless hands on my private body parts I really don’t know how I defended myself ,and pulled him away I told him that I have to go to birthday party please sir let me go ,and worst ,he challenged me if you will not come back today I will not work with you ,he said no matter it’s 3 4 5 am you have to come .

His words were “ dekh le aaj ka din hain ,yaa toh aaj yaa toh kabhi nahi” I can make you star , aaj teri pariksha hain ..decide karle.. That mental torcher and pressure on me he created that I was shivering and not able to think anything.

I withdrawn myself from that situation in shock.

Same night he msgd me at 2.30am with the question mark of my coming back, than I msgd him with a scary heart that sir I can’t come.I m in severe headache.

And after this molestation he started ignoring ,he stopped answering calls and he stopped msging me. He proved that were all fake promises,He proved that my birthday party organised for me by him was also with wrong Intensions. He told remove all our pics from social media because people will misunderstand our relation.

He proved that if 73 year old intelligent person do such things ,anyone can where aspiring girls should go and where they can stand in this Hindi cinema ,why these bloody cowards want a girl only for there penises .. Can anyone please tell me ????

Cried !! I was not able to tell this to anyone or my family. But today I felt I should speak and fight for my self respect. Girls don’t trust anyone , create your own path. Fight!”

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