FREE WhatsApp in JioPhone...Trick goes viral

New Delhi, Nov 20: One thing which JioPhone lacks right now is WhatsApp, as the company hasn't provided the app nor given the facility to download the app but recently a video has gone viral in social media which claims that we can still use JioPhone number as our WhatsApp number.


The steps mentioned in the video are as follows:

1. First users need to open on their JioPhone browser after which they will get options of 5 different browsers, out of which you need to select the Chrome browser.

2.  Then click on mentioned on the website where you will get a QR code and you need to zoom it by pressing 3 on Jio Phone.

3. Now open WhatsApp Web on the other smartphone browser that you are using for using WhatsApp normally. Scan the QR code to run WhatsApp with JioPhone number simultaneously with normal WhatsApp app on the other smartphone.

4. By this way, you can use your JioPhone number on WhatsApp.