FREE JioPhone...Trick to find out when you will get it

Pancham Saude, New Delhi: Pre-booking of the JioPhone has been suspended by the company, the demand for the 4G enabled feature phone which costs effectively free for the users was seen when users faced glitches on the MyJio app while booking the JioPhone.

However, as per the reports, over 40 million JioPhones have been booked by the users after which the company has suspended the bookings after receiving an overwhelming response from the users. 

The company has put a message for its users on their website which read:"We will inform you when pre-booking resumes"

On the other hand, Jio hasn't confirmed yet if pre-bookings are also stopped across all Jio stores and retailers.   

Dubbed as "India ka smartphone" can be booked with making a payment of Rs 500 and rest Rs 1000 can be paid later at the time of delivery of the device in September. 


How to check Jio Phone booking status offline

If you have booked JioPhone, you would have received a confirmation message from the company with transaction ID, and the number of units you have booked against your phone number. If you check the message you will find a number phone number, 18008908900, calling on this number you can check your booking status and delivery date or just call the same number from which you have received the message and follow IVR instructions. 


How to check Jio Phone booking status online

You can also transfer the JioPhone booking using the MyJio app via the Transfer option in the Manage Booking section.

If you want to check your JioPhone booking status, you can do it via MyJio app and tap on the Manage Booking option and provide registered phone number and OTP, it also allows a user to transfer JioPhone booking