FREE JioPhone..40 lakh booked, do you have one

New Delhi: JioPhone pre-bookings which started yesterday has crossed over 40 lakhs within 24 hours. JioPhone can be booked with an initial payment of Rs 500 and rest 1000 can be paid later at the time of delivery.

Buyers can book the device via MyJio app or by visiting and in offline modes they can visit authentic Jio retailers.

The major highlight of the JioPhone is that its costs effectively "0" for the buyers as the company has promised to refund the amount after three years.

The 4G enabled feature phone comes with JioTV which includes 6000 HD movies and 6000 music videos which can be mirrored to the larger screen, be it LCD or CRT.

And the same craze resulted in glitches on MyJio app and users are facing trouble booking the device.

However, the company has promised to deliver 5 million JioPhones every week.


Here're the key specifications that JioPhone expected to have:  

JioPhone storage

The latest leak reveals that the JioPhone will have 4GB internal storage which can be expanded up to 128GB via microSD card.



JioPhone will have a catalogue of more than 1 core HD songs in more than 20 languages



JioPhone users will be allowed to access unlimited video streaming from a library of more than 6000 movies, 6000 music videos, and more than 1 lakh hours of advertisement free HD content in 10 different languages on JioCinema.


Personalise your JioPhone

JioPhone will support 22 official languages so user can set their choice of language in the phone


GPS navigation on JioPhone

JioPhone users will also get Google Maps and Navigation as the device comes with GPS.


Connect JioPhone with TV

JioPhone user will be able to mirror their Jio content on their TV, be it LCD or CRT using Jio TV connector. 


Jio Assistant

Just like iPhone has Siri, JioPhone will come with Jio Assistant which will perform the task on the user's command, demo of the same was shown at the time launch

WhatsApp Support

As per media reports, the company is in talks with WhatsApp company to have a special version of the WhatsApp in the JioPhone, however its yet to be confirmed from both ends.