Four Stylish Colours to wear this Wedding Season!


Eventually, every woman is a heroine! We want to dress up to impress, to look and feel like a Katrina or a Malaika so that everyone can just oggle at us! 


The wedding season is upon us, thus here are four colours at are in style this year and you can absolutely swear by them: 


* Wine Red Colour - red is considered an auspicious colour, thus it never gets out of style. The wine red isn't as bright or goddy as the usual red, probably what the bride's outfit would be, so you aren't competing with the centre of attention! 


* Almond/Nudes: Its a colour that can go with every skin tone, and so you'll feel completely normal in it. If you're opting for chiffons or georgettes, this is the colour of the season! An almond outfit can be embellished or heavily accesorized or can be paired with a dash of tangerine dupatta. Its a colour great for daily or nightly events!  





* Hot Pink: If you want to opt for traditional silhouttes such as banarasees, kanjeevarams or velvettes - this is the colour of the season! The colour is associated with royalty, thus will make you feel regal. Pair it with a gold blouse and you're just as advanced as the runway girls! 






* Aquamarine/Minty blue: This colour is often associated with infinity, precisely the idea of a marriage. Thus befitting the occassion! Minty blue is also a calming colour, so if you're in the wedding party and have a gazillion things to do, then you should opt for this as it will keep you calm!