Four easy methods to link your SBI account with Aadhaar

New Delhi: After Govt made it mandatory to link bank accounts to Aadhaar number, country's largest bank State Bank of India has made this linking process much easier for its customers, An SBI customer can link their account by four methods like SMS, internet banking, ATMs or an SBI branch. As per new Govt rules, every account holder must link their account to their Aadhaar within December 31, 2017.

Here're the four methods how SBI user can link their account to their Aadhaar      



1) People registered with mobile banking can send an SMS in the following format UIDAadhaar numberAccount number to 567676 .

Internet Banking

1) If the SBI user does internet banking then they can log into and click on 'Link your Aadhaar number' which is available in 'My Accounts' , on the left panel of the screen.

2) After which user needs to select the account number, input the Aadhaar number and click on Submit.


1) SBI user can also use their ATM card for linking their account to the Aadhaar, for this user needs to swipe their ATM card and enter PIN, after which they need to select the option 'Registration' under ' Service' where they can find Aadhaar Registration where one needs to select the account type and enter the Aadhaar number to link

SBI Branch

1) An SBI user can visit their branch to link their account with Aadhaar.