Former Shiv Sena councillor's daughter found dead in New Zealand, family clueless

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, November 27: The mystery behind the death of Sonam Shelar, 26, has intensified. Sonam was a fitness trainer and moved to New Zealand along with her husband in April 2018. She was married to Sagar Shelar, who was a chef, in December last year. She went missing on November 17 from an apartment that she and her husband shared with others in Cashmere Avenue, Khandallah, Wellington. Sonam is the daughter of a former Shiv Sena councillor Vijay Salgaokar. Sonam was five months pregnant and the initial reports suggest that she was upset when the ultrasound reports of her pregnancy came. Neither the police nor the family is giving the details of her pregnancy reports.They have also asked residents with CCTV cameras on their properties covering streets in the areas of Cashmere Avenue, Onslow Road, Box Hill, Burma Road and Agra Crescent.In the meantime, none of her family members is ready to share the details of the case and the family, according to reports, has no plans to bring the body to India.Sagar Shelar said police had not told him anything about what they found on Sonam's two cellphones which were retrieved from Island Bay Beach on November 17, the day she disappeared.He said last week that he gave the police passcodes for the two phones, but he said today that he still had "no idea" what happened."I have no idea still till a police officer sits down with me and explains with me what happened that day," he reportedly saidSonam's dead body was found at White Rock Beach by the surfers. Before the body was discovered the New Zealand police had found her two mobile phones at Island Bay beach.

The family back home is also clueless about the cause of the death. Shelars made for a happy couple. The reports do suggest that the family is in utter shock and is shying away from meeting the media. 

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