'Foreign brands see big potential in Indian kidswear market'

New Delhi, Nov 24 (IANS) International brands see a big opportunity in India in terms of kidswear market as it has been the most unplanned for many years, says an expert. Mohita Indrayan, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of 612 League (a kidswear brand), also shared that there has been a drastic "welcome shift in dress styles of pre-teens".  "In India, global trends are making inroads and even international brands see a big opportunity as Indian landscape had been most unplanned with regard to tween apparel for many years. Indian tweens are seen to exercise more agency than they ever did. For a country that offered little or no differentiation in the age group of 2-12, it is a huge milestone," Indrayan told IANS.  He added: "There has been a drastic though welcome shift in dress styles of pre-teens. As compared to a decade ago, the pre-teens are more conscious about their style today. The age group of 2-12 is far more differentiated than what it used to be." He also feels that the virtual world is giving a huge boost to the kidswear market.  "New styles, global trends and purchase are now available at the click of a finger. The internet is defining the kids' apparel in a very big way. In fact, Instagram and Snapchat are new designers in kidswear," he said.  Indrayan says "Virtual reality is the big thing in fashion space to watch out for". The USP of 612 League is a well differentiated offering for the age group of 6 months to 12 years. And Indrayan feels it is crucial.  "Parents have a tendency to buy a size larger as kids outgrow their clothes very quickly. We always advise them to avoid over buying but buy the right size. Kids may not just outgrow the clothes but even the style," he said.