For Working Women: How to make 'Sadhya' special for Onam?

New Delhi Sep 4: Onam is here so how can the special 'Sadhya be behind? Many of us wishing our friends A Happy Onam do not know what is Sadhya, which is so closely associated with Onam. Sadhya is a special meal prepared on this special day. This is a nine-course meal with nearly 24 types of dishes.

Sadhya is the special meal prepared with great effort and love and any Malayali ensures that either the Sadhya is made or one attends a Sadhya. The feast is made with seasonal fruits and vegetables. It is served on banana leaves.

Today's busy lifestyle allows little time to young couples living in various parts of the world. But the elders of the house ensure that the tradition is followed whole heartedly. To avoid guilt pangs, you can pick some readymade stuff from the local Kerala store. Many ready-to-cook food items can also come handy.

Even the humblest of the humble ensures that at least two dozon varities are prepared and on some special occasions it can even go upto five dozon dishes. It mostly icludes various types of pickles,  banana chips, ice chips,  pappadam, thoran, avial, sambhar, rasam, pulliseri, pachadi, moru (curd with water) and many types of deserts. The main desert is Payasam, made with milk, sugar, rice and jaggery. There goes a popular saying that even if you you have to sell your property for Onam feast, it's justified.