Footballer, ex girlfriend sentenced for domestic violence

  Madrid:  Atletico Madrid footballer Lucas Hernandez and his ex-girlfriend were sentenced on Monday to 31 days of community work on charges of domestic violence.

Lucas, 21, was arrested on February 3 at his house in Madrid over reports of assaulting Lorente, who was arrested as well, though both were released later in the day.

The court ruled that they must not approach or communicate with each other by any means for a period of six months and also prohibited them from carrying weapons for a period of one year and a day, reports Efe.

Lucas' ex-girlfriend, Amelia de la Ossa Lorente, was also convicted of committing a minor misdemeanour and will pay a fine of 180 euros ($190).

During a previous hearing held on February 21, the prosecution asked for six months in prison for Hernandez and four months for Lorente on charges of domestic abuse.

The prosecution also wanted two extra months in prison for Lorente because she damaged French Under-21 international defender Lucas' car.