For a flexible back and complete detoxification: 5 benefits of Vakrasana

VakrasanaNew Delhi, News24 Bureau, June 12: Just ahead of the International Day of Yoga which is on June 21, PM Narendra Modi is tweeting a video of his animated version performing a series of asana. It is one asana a day and the curiosity around 'Vakrasana' is at its optimum level as the PM has posted the benefits of this aasan. It helps gain flexibility in the spinal cord.

With just a few days left for June 21, Modi urges every person to prepare for the day that was designated as World Yoga Day on his suggestion at the UN General Assembly speech in 2014, and over the last five years, it has only improved its reach throughout the world.Here are the FIVE benefits of Vakrasana:1. This aasan activates the Manipur Chakra which is a big factor for many health benefits.2. This is a boon for diabetes and is said to control this completely as compression and relaxation forces on either side of the naval region initiate Homeostasis at the abdominal region by using PANCREASE.3. this also helps in detoxification as it also stimulates the release of bile from Gall Bladder and helps in fats digestion.4. This also maintains the normal range of Red blood cells (RBC) from spleen and thus keeps anaemia at bay.5. This is also the best practice to prevent abdominal fat.