Five Stylish Blazers of Ranbir!

On a television series, Anushka Sharma termed Ranbir the Sonam Kapoor of actresses. Assuming she meant in terms of style and his attitude towards clothes. 


The most stylish actor (beating out rival Ranveer Singh) of the current lot of Bollywood. Just as a star has a signature style (cuz they're knowlingly building a brand), Ranbir's got his blazers. 


A blazer fits every ocassion and can be paired up with any kind of pants - be it denims or formals. 


Let's analyze the way Ranbir has made it work for every ocassion: 



* This grey blazer with the formal white shirt and washed-out denim pants give him a casual-chic look. Colour combination works and (because of denims) great for a semi-formal event. The belt breaks the layers of the outfit, thus increasing each of their prominance in the look. 




* In this one, he pairs up a similar colour jacket with a T-shirt and and a lighter pair of denims with holes in them. There isn't any belt so the continuity of the greyish-blue shade is maintained. 




* Then the white blazer happened with the polo neck and formal pants! Scrumptous oreo cookie, you! The combination is killer. The polo neck makes it uber-formal and the matching pants don't distract you from the classy jacket. 




* This combo works superbly well. Contrasting colors enhance your personality as you come off as quite experimental and confident enough to carry those bright colors. Blue and Yellow are original colours - cant be made by mixing any other colours - thus they are independent in their properties. By creating their combo, you aren't trying to blend them, yet you are exhibiting their individual qualities in your attire. 





* Previously the jacket was a different color and the shirt and pants were the same color. Here, the jacket and pants belong to the same family of colours, again giving the idea of continuity and fluidity with a contrasting shirt, that is barely visible. It isn't distracting and seems well put-together.