Five Forgetable Films of Shah Rukh Khan


The Baadshah of Bollywood - with umpteen number of hits, 14 Filmfare Awards, his own production company, an IPL team, properties all over the world and having ranked the 8th highest paid actor in the world by Forbes, you'd think there isnt much for him to accomplish!


His success is extraordinary, however, his struggling days were just as any other ordinary actor, let's take a look at five of his most forgettable films, it makes him more human! 



* Dil Aashna Hay: it was Hema Malini's directorial debut based on the English film, Lace. SRK did play an important role in the film but somewhere got lost in the huge star cast. Also, it was a female oriented subject thus didn't give much importance to SRK, a budding star at that time. 



* Guddu: Produced and directed by Prem Lalwani, ‘Guddu’ was a dud before it hit theatres. It was the year 1995 which saw some big releases of SRK hitting the bullseye at the box-office which delayed the release of this film. Co-starring Manisha Koirala and Deepti Naval and had music by veteran composer Naushad. The story was a dud as it was the time action movies were famous. 





* Zamaana Deewana: The story was too played out, offspring of enemies trying to reunite them ( a la Saudagar), even the fresh faces of SRK and Raveena couldn't revive it.





* Trimurti: Biggest disappointment of 1995, inspite of having a stellar starcast. The main reason for it being that the movie was severly delayed due to date problems and all. Directed by Mukul Anand and produced by Subhash Ghai, the film had one of the biggest star casts of that year as SRK was riding high after delivering ‘DDLJ’ but ‘Trimurti’ just couldn’t sustain itself at the box-office.







* English Babu Desi Mem: 'English Babu Desi Mem’ had SRK playing triple roles with a get up gone all wrong!  For company he had Sonali Bendre and Rajeshwari Sachdev playing important roles. The audience was absolutely confused and lost interest in the story.