Five challenges every “solitude lovers” faces

Solitude lovers are the people who care for themselves, they believe in being friendless and respecting selves.

“The more powerful and original a mind, the more it will incline towards the religion of solitude,” said Aldous Huxley.

For solitude lovers, the idea of a perfect weekend is spending Saturday night until Monday morning alone at their place.

The feeling of being alone is something that refuels them.

But, this perspective also makes them face few challenges; however, being the king of their lives, they are not bothered by these challenges.

They walk with the attitude 'You're not responsible to anyone but yourself'.

Five challenges that they usually face:

Misunderstood as arrogant personality

Their love for silence is often described as their arrogance.

Defined as misanthropes

They are described as somebody who hates humankind.

They have smaller tolerance for what it takes to be with others.

Constantly having to think of socially acceptable answers to questions like, “Why aren’t you smiling?”

Want recognition for their work but don’t want to be in the spotlight.

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