Five Bollywood Ladies that rocked Leopard Prints!


Leopard Prints never go out of style. However, its important to know the ploy to wearing them well. When worn right, they can make you feel truly awesome, like those fierce lionesses rampaging through dense forests! 


Five of Our Leading Ladies of Bollywood wore them superbly, lets take a cue or two from them: 


* Kareena Kapoor: in a full-length Gucci Gown. The print is to worn to bring out the fierce and animalistic (charged up) qualities of a woman. The cut of the garment is also important - thus the halter neck (backless style) and the tapering at the waist with the flowy pleats in the bottom essentially accentuate the hour-glass figure. It makes you feel more feminine and graceful. Nailed it!  


* Bipasha in the leopard-print high-waist skirt with a formal black shirt (tucked in). Aside from being sexy, the leopard print is also intrinsically feminine. It isn't a floral or a paisley, it makes you feel like a tough cookie - thus the perfect thing is to pair it up with a menswear-inspired outfit like a shapely, tailored (collared) shirt. Black isn't too distracting from her outfit and complements it well also. A great balance of the ying and the yang. 



* Shilpa Shetty in a Neeta Lulla chiffon with a leopard print blouse: Fusion is the need of the hour, as per the fashion gurus. Homegurl sure brought it back with this stunning outfit. The saree is our savior in all ocassions - thus if you aren't comfortable in Western outfits, then just pick out a sheer saree from your closet and pair it up with a Leopard print blouse. Here Shilpa nails it with the bright turquoise saree which is a plain garment and thus accentuating the print and making it truly a fusion outfit. The genial nature of a chiffon saree blends well with the bold print, making you feel like a global icon. 



* Lisa Haydon in a Leopard Print Bathing Suit. Also what matters is the occasion on which you wear them. Such as your high school dance or a pool party - where you want to display your raving personality. Such an occasion won't just get everyone's attention but will also make you feel confident and that you own yourself. Accessorize it with chained-jewelery to further accentuate your roar-factor! 



* Neha Dhupia with a satin leopard print gown and a sheer-layered underskirt. Here three key factors conjoin to make it a hit outfit. Firstly, the cut - the sweetheart neckline leading down to the corset fit with a thigh-high slit is ultra-feminine, precisely the objective of the print (thus complementing it). Secondly, the fabric is a soft, satin which complements the fiesty nature of the print, thus creating a balance. Thirdly, the coffee brown color is also in the same family of the color of the print, just creating a harmony and isn't distracting. Sensuous yet classy. We like!