Five Best Magazine Covers of Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh is by far the most experimental man in Bollywood, today. He's elevated men's fashion in our eyes to magnanimous levels!  Thus, its truly tough to define what his fashion is all about - its a culmination of taste, style, fashion sense, confidence and charms! You gotta have the charms to carry off those a la mode clothes, anytime, anywhere.


Here are five best magazine covers of Ranveer Singh: 


* Filmfare November 2016:  The best part about Ranveer Singh is that he gets it right down to the footwear. In this particular cover, he's channeled the 80s sugar daddy/disco dancer look with a silk black shirt and a trench coat to complete the "i run this show" look. Slicked back hair and shoes with flower patterns give it much continuity. 








* GQ October 2016: A great trend for the winters for men. The black sweater with the patches of diamantes and wool are rarely seen in a sweater. So the sweater is already very modernistic. Its also very rare for men to wear such glitter (unless you're Bappi Lahiri) yet he carries it with so much confidence. Its good he didn't pair it with his usual bright coloured pants - such as red or yellow. He chose grey pants and it complements the eccentric style of the sweater. Again, the patterned footwear is unmissable. Subtle, yet suave! 





* Hello Magazine September 2016: The navy blue paint suit minus any shirts is indicative of his confidence in his body. The trenchcoat jacket, albeit in a contrasting colour looks great and complements his tanned skin tone. Perfect example for a winter attire, for those conferences or client meetings where you have to be uber-formal. 



* Maxim September 2017: Checkered patterns have gotten bigger, bolder and broader as time has passed.  Want to make a big impression in the boardroom this season? Get yourself a checked suit.  Whether its a contrasting colour as the one in the cover (shocking pink on greenish-blue) or a  monochrome - its exuberates elegance. Ranveer incorporates more colours (purple, mustard and light blue) and yet it all blends in to make it a perfect look. 




* Grazia December 2017: While in the above cover, Ranbir experimented with several colours. In the cover below, he cemented his look with a similar colour palate. The colour is maroon. The corduroy suit with beige stripes works in tandem with the maroon shirt. The red and pink flowers switch up the overall look yet there is continuity and fluidity cuz its all a singular colour.  Maroon is the colour for romance and thus the curls in his hair make him more dreamy and Adonis like. Charm us, wont' you?