First Look of Anushka's 1 crore wedding ring that Virat gave her! Fans were longing to see this

New Delhi, Dec 15: 'Virushka wedding' is one of the most searched news on Google in recent times. They are both big celebrities in their own might; while one is legend in the world of cricket the other is a Bollywood dva. So together Virushka is a big brand, darling of the market.. But these are commercial talks.

Pure and serene is the love for each other. The couple is madly in love with each other and they have expressed this ion multiple occasions.  WHo can forget the scene when Virat is seen dedicating his game to Virat by giving a flying kiss from his bat.

So if Anushka is so special then how can Virat not make her feel special? He leaves no stones unturned to tell her how much he loves her. So when he had to buy the engagement ring, it had to be special. He spent three months finding the right ring which cost him 1 crore. And see how beautiful and special the ring is.