Finally Tubelight teaser is out, have you seen it?

New Delhi: The much awaited Salman Khan movie Tubelight teaser is finally out. All Salman Khan fans couldn't have waited any longer as the wait seemed too long. And the superstar has been teasing his fans with five consecutive posters. The countdown to the final teaser began five days back and today is the final day. But if one puts together all the five posters together then a rough plot of the story can be etched out. 

This poster posted five days back shows Salman Khan traveling. Since the story is on Indo-China War then one can guess that this is a border. And Salman looks so happy

This poster posted four days back on social media by the star himself shows two men shouting and enjoying the bounties of nature. One is certainly Salman and the other is Sohail. Both real life brothers are playing reel life brothers too.

So cute! This is the first response when one sees this poster. Matin Rey Tangu, Salman Khan's little friend, is hugging each other. There is a band of army crossing a bridge. Is war in the offing and Salman's new friend has a major role to play?

Salman Khan is going to Ranikhet, which is probably his native place in the film. Sohail, who plays his reel life brother as well is seen singing atop a bus. Probably they are soldiers who are going home.

And this appears to be the best among the lot. He looks like a simpleton here.  Very naive and simple. He seems to be the most enthusiastic among the crowd of a disinterested lot.

So finally you are getting the teaser today at 9 PM. Happy waiting till then.