Fighting air pollution: Ventilate your house between 3 to 5 PM everyday

New Delhi, Nov 8: Air pollution in the national capital and NCR is of hazardous level. Perhaps this is the first time that almost everyone, across all age-groups are facing problems and are complaining of itching and watery eyes, soar throat an breathing problems.   How to increase protection then. Here are some easy tips to increase protection:

1. While riding bike or walking outdoor wear a good quality of N95/ 99 mask (Venus/ 3M masks) are really good; atleast use handkerchief it also protect to some extent.


2. First thing when you start your car is to open your windows and recirculate indoor air to outdoor air for two minutes; it will help in dilution CO concentrations. CO is more dangerous and can cause fatal consequences. Also run your car ac for some time in indoor circulation. Every car has ac Filters which reduce PM 2.5 substantially.

3. If possible use air Purifier in home (only with Hepa, carbon & pre Filter); specially in kids room, old age, sensitive population (who have respiratory problems) and pregnant ladies.

4. Ventilate your house between 3 to 5 PM everyday; this is the best time during day where PM 2.5 levels are lowest on a bright sunny day 

5. Sprinkle water in your premises/ on road to settle down the pollutants

6. Increase intake of vitamin C, vitamin E and beta carotene; it will help in increasing immunity

7. Eat jaggery/ gur to flush out pollutants from lungs; simple replace your processes sugar with jaggery in all your preparation or consume jaggery as it is.