Female assassins of North Korea..dictator's secret weapon

New Delhi: Though North Korea may be known for its test of nuclear missiles, but the   the regime of Kim Jong-Un has more deadly weapons- female assassins, armed with good looks and poison tools.

A high profile defector has said that the female assassins are now the weapon of choice for the ruthless N Korean regime. "Hardy male agents wielding guns or knives have been ditched in favour of their female counterparts, who strike fear into the hearts of enemies," An Chan-Il, a North Korean defector, was quoted in media as saying.

"We are always mindful of young women accosting us for possible revenge killings," he added.

His comments assume importance after spy novel-style assassination of the half-brother of the North Korean dictator.

South Korean intelligence agencies believe Kim Jong-Nam had toxins sprayed in his face as he walked through Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Two women have been arrested over the murder.

An is a former North Korean commando. He  defected in 1979. He says now male agents have been sidelined and given task of building contacts.

"Female agents are now being trained to do the killing, using poison. "They can easily hide mini poison injectors made of plastic, either in lipsticks, cosmetics or under their clothes," An added.

Female agent are carefully recruited. Selection is made on the basis of intelligence, looks and family background. "Good looks are essential but this is different from any beauty contest. A girl with a curvy body is not considered ideal to become an assassin who has to engage in physical contact with targets", he said.

After selection, the women are trained in strength work, combat skills, surveillance and weapons use, as well as language courses.