Farrah Abraham slammed for seven-year-old daughter's bikini images

Los Angeles: Reality TV personality Farrah Abraham has been accused by people on social media of exploiting her seven-year-old daughter Sophia and making her wear make-up and various bikinis for a photoshoot. Abraham drew criticism after she posted on Instagram some images of Sophia posing in bikinis and make-up for a photoshoot, reports aceshowbiz.com. On Sunday, Abraham shared an image of her daughter lying in a pool while wearing a red-white-and-blue swimsuit.  “Happy Sunday. God gave me an extraordinary young lady Sophia. I'm so blessed - excited to see all the great things flourish in Sophia's life journey,” she captioned it. Numerous people then slammed Abraham as they commented on the photograph.  They called her out for "exploiting" her daughter and for making the little girl "wax her brows" and "act like an adult". “Just can't fix stupid and that's all this girls mom is. Stupid! My heart breaks for this poor girl who will never know what a childhood is," a commenter said.  “Cps? Anyone? Anyone? What a horrible pig mother! Poor child. She's doomed... Wait another 10 years," another added.  Abraham shared more provocative images of Sophia last week on Instagram.