Farah Khan keen on casting a young actor in her next project!

There have been several reports making the rounds of Farah Khan Kunder starting with her next directorial soon. Earlier there were reports that she is penning a script for Shah Rukh Khan. 



However, as per recent reports Farah is keen on getting a younger actor on board as per the requirement of the script. Talking about it, a source stated to the daily, "Farah has been busy with her TV serials of late and hence has been preoccupied with her work schedule. However, when she wraps them up, she wants to start her film and hence has decided to look beyond Shah Rukh for the film. She had done it earlier with Tees Maar Khan but the film didn't rake in the moolah.  


She further said, "There is a comfort level also and we love the process. It's one of the most fun processes of making a film when he does a movie with me.... I was joking and telling him the other day that 'Where will you go...humara janam janmanter ka rishtahai' ('Where will you go our relationship is for life')." Touche, to it!