Fan trailer: Watch Shah Rukh Khan in an all new dimension

You have seen him in ‘Baazigar’. You have adored him in ‘Don’. But most of all, you have feared his act-of-obsession in ‘Darr’. That vehement expression of Shah Rukh Khan’s dark shade is reignited in Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan, the trailer of which was released on a day that comes every four years.

The three-minute trailer of Fan starts with a child, looking admiringly at the poster of Aryan Khanna, the superstar. He decorates his entire room with pictures and cut-outs of the star and even tries to emulate him in every possible form — he talks and dances with the same fervour.


His undying love for the superstar and dream to present him his trophy fosters Gaurav to travel from Delhi to Mumbai despite his parent’s reluctance. The gleam in his eyes and the passion with which he shouts “Aryan Khanna” says it all. But that’s when the plot takes a twist.