Facebook gift..No FAKE friend will CHEAT, abuse, TROLL you now

San Francisco: In yet another attempt to curb the spread of fake news on its platform, Facebook on Thursday announced that it has expanded its human review process to identify and verify 'cloaking'. 'Cloaked' destination pages, which frequently include diet pills, pornography and muscle building scams, create negative and disruptive experiences for people, the company noted. The social media giant is now using a combination of human review and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to find and remove 'cloaked' advertisements and posts in its news feeds. "Some of the worst offenders use a technique known as 'cloaking' to circumvent Facebook's review processes and show content to people that violates Facebook's Community Standards and Advertising Policies," said Rob Leathern, Product Management Director and Bobbie Chang, Software Engineer, in a blog post. Thousands of 'clocking' offenders have been removed from Facebook's platform and their economic incentives were disrupted in the past few months. Recently, to cut down on low-quality content and fake news in News Feed, Facebook updated its algorithm again to remove such content from its platform. After receiving positive feedback on how 'Related Articles' helped people determine whether the news they are reading is misleading or false, Facebook has also rolled out the feature more broadly. In a blog post, Facebook said it will start using updated machine learning to detect more potential hoaxes to send to third-party fact checkers.  IANS