Facebook BANNED this famous rapper for hate speech

San Francisco, Oct 11: Facebook has banned rapper Lil B on charges of spreading "hate speech" on its platform. A Facebook representative told Motherboard late on Tuesday that Lil B was banned for 30 days for violating its hate speech policies. The spokesperson also said that the offending posts were deleted, the report added. Lil B had earlier tweeted that he was banned for "talking about white people" on the site. It was still unclear which posts forced Facebook to take the action. Lil B's last post read: "Do the white nationalist or the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) or Neo nazis really hate me? I don't believe it and I love them! I'm serious I love all humans - Lil B." In 2014, Facebook had banned him for posts related to racial issues and sex trafficking. Facebook had earlier banned activist Shaun King for posting a racist message he received. The social networking giant later removed the ban. Other prominent activists such as Didi Delgado and Ijeoma Oluo have also been banned by Facebook for their posts.