Facebook adds Whatsapp's best feature to its messenger

New Delhi, Nov 17, Pancham Saude: After testing the ‘unsend’ feature on Whatsapp, Facebook was reportedly planning to add this feature on its messenger and now the company has rolled out this feature in its the new update. The new feature ‘Remove for Everyone’ will allow users to delete message within 10 minutes of sending it. This will allow users to delete text, group chats, videos, and photos if they were mistakenly sent. Currently, this feature has only been rolled out in Bolivia, Colombia, Poland, and Lithuania for Android and iOS users both. However, the company will take no time to make it available worldwide.

According to a report published in TechCrunch, Facebook’s PR manager Kat Chui revealed that the company will keep a copy of the message for a short period of time even after being deleted. With this, the company can review the message if it is reported for harassment.

How to use the new unsend feature added to Facebook messenger?

1. To use this unsend feature, the users need to open the chat with the concerned person where the message mistakenly sen.

2. After deciding which message to delete, users need to long press the chat message that has to be deleted.

3. After pressing it long it will give two option, ‘Remove for Everyone’ and ‘Remove for You’.on the screen.

4. Once the user selects any of the options, a warning will appear that will read – ‘You will permanently remove this message for all members. Other users can still see that you removed a message and still report it.’

5. The message will be deleted after the user's confirmation to proceed.

6. A blank message will replace the original message that was deleted and it will read, ‘You removed a message’.

But If any user tries to delete the message after 10 minutes then they won’t get the option of  Remove for Everyone’. However, they will still get ‘Remove for you’ which will only delete messages for the sender.