FaceApp now has data of 150 million people, including yours


New Delhi, July 20: The FaceApp Old-age Filter has taken the internet by storm by offering realistic transformation in age through updated filters.

The age filter has become the new sensation on Twitter and Instagram. The app has been downloaded by over 150 million people who are constantly posting pictures of what they might look like in their old age.

Celebrities like Nick Jonas, Varun Dhawan and Arjun Kapoor also posted their FaceApp-edited pictures on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, under the #FaceAppChallenge.

Though launched two years back in 2017, the app recently gained the limelight as the in-app features have been improvised; the app has become better now!    

This app has become viral on social media and has been giving people the power to change their facial expressions, looks, and even age.

However, people who use this apparently harmless app are also giving it the power to use their pictures and names for any purpose it wishes, for as long as it wants to do so.

At last count, more than 150 million people have downloaded FaceApp from Google Play.

Forbes.com quoted App Annie as reporting that FaceApp is at present the most popular app on the iOS App Store in 121 nations.

But according to the terms of service of FaceApp, the Russian company which created the app owns a never-ending and irrevocable royalty-free license to do whatever they want with your user content and other details for as long as they want.

There are arguments that the company has a very careless approach towards user's data.

Recently, Joshua Nozzi, an app developer tweeted that FaceApp was uploading troves of photos from people's smartphones without asking permission.

While, others stated that FaceApp may use data gathered from user photos to train facial recognition algorithms.

FaceApp is a Russian company and the server that stores user photos is located in the US.

There are also claims that the app's terms and conditions suggested user photos could be used for commercial purposes.

FaceApp's privacy policy that suggested some user data may be tracked for the purposes of targeting ads.

But FaceApp in a statement said that "We never transfer any other images,"  and only upload photos selected by users for editing.

"Most images are deleted from our servers within 48 hours from the upload date," the statement added.

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